In the civilizations I have created the layers of each city reflect the desires of the self and a compassion for others. In these ways and over time the preservation of structures, which enable dreams to formulate stand tests and endure. They hold memories, which persevere through the anguish of existence, of moments when visions were realized and the gentle beauty of the endless layers of love have been glimpsed. It is in these processes that the strongest cities survive and speak in whispers and wonder to each new visitor stepping through their gates.



So bummed this bridge got shut down. People need to learn to respect these amazing places. The amount of graffiti on the bridge now and amount of sections that people had burned is incredibly sad.

So sad I won’t be able to go here again. Glad I got to see it once though



The Appalachian Trail
National Geographic | August 1949



can this be shown like at the beginning and ending of commercial breaks or something? just, often and endlessly repeated.

I can’t stress how important this is and how religions or ideas should not justify taking away basic human rights


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Very early Prototype.


by a.dangerpdx


Elephants walking through a rain forest.

I hate the internet.